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                        • [2015-7-21]On the safety of plastic packaging bags

                          Plastic bags manufacturers to remind you, do not use, or is not used in the packaging bags are discarded, but do not put in the baby can readily be enough. Xiao Bian recently in… [MORE]

                        • [2015-7-14]Two principles of online sales of plastic packaging bags

                          Plastic packaging bags of material has a dozen, but the most common, and the use of the largest is PP and PVA. PP material of the hardness after OPP material, but it is very goo… [MORE]

                        • [2015-7-11]FIBC market rejects malicious competition

                          With the development of market economy, there will be no normal implementation of malicious competition means. Malicious competition is to slander and other improper methods to … [MORE]

                        • [2015-7-2]The best container wharf

                          There are many types including container bags, container bags or bags is also called tons of tons of bags, space bag. Is a transport container is mostly with a crane or forklift… [MORE]

                        • [2015-5-25]Rural plastic packaging bags use unscrupulous

                          During the Qingming Festival, small series and a few friends to go to the countryside outing to play, see a road of new countryside make a kind of mood also follow up. But, in t… [MORE]

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