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                        Marketing "bag new heart" era

                        Date: 2015-4-10 12:01:09 Read: 484 times

                        Container bag products has no more mysterious and more consumers to meet with high-quality performance increasingly in terminals, port cranes and other numerous packaging show broad prospects for sales. At the same time, competition ensue, different container bags production manufacturers were in flaunt home product superiority and high durability, market also faces enormous pressure.
                        How to create is a new marketing mode of container bag has become the industry development to be considered a serious problem. We currently have to complete the mission is how to realize the new leap of the container bag.
                        Plastic packaging manufacturers in the face of the current situation to develop their own marketing strategy, ushered in the new era of marketing, namely, the heart of the era.
                        What is the container of the "heart" era? Manufacturers told us that nothing is to seize the consumer psychology, intentions to do their own products and services, comply with the new consumer trends to promote their new products.
                        As we know, nowadays people's propensity to consume and comfortable, stylish, practical and other factors to be selected, for container bags and other packaging products, consumer choice is careful consideration.
                        QA Container bag special use value so that consumers before choosing will focus on safety factor, durability index and pressure intensity of detailed mining knowledge, in order to ensure the process protection products of their own safety. FIBC manufacturers told reporters that we produce FIBCs fully in line with national container bags GB/T10454-2000 standard, by the quality supervision departments strictly, the production of conscience, sincere service is that we always uphold the purpose.
                        Fashion. Modern advocating personality and characteristics, design of container bags in do foot premise to enable outstanding designers of color selection, style structure, the structure of the grafted different aspects were meticulous research and creating. Let the bag to meet the utility and shows beautiful fashion appearance, enough to attract more consumers to stop.
                        Conform to the "heart". Container bag products and marketing innovation is inseparable from the consumers to voice response and application, we in the full investigation of existing customers and potential customers different needs, improve product performance and quality, let our FIBC conform to the voice, comply with the aspirations of the people, adaptation of the times development and rapid progress.