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                        From the ups and downs of manufacturing FIBCs

                        Date: 2015-5-6 17:27:12 Read: 668 times

                        Life is ups and downs, Yimapingchuan bumpy ups and downs of the highroad, see we had is how to make the choice and what kind of road. Container bags production manufacturing industry also has his way, from the ups and downs Futie paste bump, you can only see the entrepreneurial had is how to choose. Container bags popular point is woven bag or ton bag, container bag of raw material is polypropylene and polyethylene.
                        Container is a container unit equipment, container terminal will usually use this kind of plastic woven bags with forklift or is a crane, can be used to transport containerized cargo. If the original entrepreneurs choose container bags and only purpose only fixed customers or the nearest regional sales, then container bags production is not bigger stronger. Because the container is mainly used to hold food, food, chemical and mineral bulk powder and granular boring and major production of these products is Africa, Europe and other mineral or food resource rich area, so want to container bags production bigger and stronger can't making "home front" business, should put their sights farther.
                        Gold packaging Xun Zhang total initial put main market in foreign countries, do not just local container bag and plastic woven bag business, also to do business in the Republic of Korea, Japan. Zhang general said ups and downs of container manufacturing industry can not be confined to local sales, if you dare to let own container bags out of the country, the market will increasingly smaller. So start ups and downs of the container bag manufacturing industry, expanding the sales market is very important.