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                        Analysis on the investigation report on the development of industry FIBCs opinion

                        Date: 2015-5-12 14:06:39 Read: 624 times

                        Xiao Bian I recently saw an article about container industry market survey analysis report, the content of the text specific analysis of the 2010 to 2015, is so far a survey content.
                        The detailed contents of this article are like this: "2010-2015 Chinese special container industry research and investment forecast value" in a large number of thorough market research basis, mainly on the basis of the National Bureau of statistics, Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Council Development Research Center, China customs, industry associations, and other related domestic the data, and combined with the in-depth market survey data, to our country container bag products in the market environment, production management, product market, brand competition, product import and export industry, investment environment and sustainable development of detailed system analysis, analysis and on the basis of the development trend of the industry to make a qualitative and quantitative the combination of prediction.
                        The investigation report on the bag, a very thorough analysis, and is also widely involved. But Xiaobian I develop for the container bag also has some own opinion, I don't know the personage inside course of study, also don't know my own humble opinion is accepted.
                        I think that with the progress of society and all walks of life to product packaging requirements will increase correspondingly. The development of container bag should develop toward the direction of "green" of the container bag products. Container production enterprises should develop a good direction of development, must rely on science and technology development, and expand production in innovation.