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                        Rural plastic packaging bags use unscrupulous

                        Date: 2015-5-25 10:00:59 Read: 652 times

                        During the Qingming Festival, small series and a few friends to go to the countryside outing to play, see a road of new countryside make a kind of mood also follow up. But, in the neat little house on the side of the streets are all kinds of plastic bags, the new garbage can, the streets of the small ditch also have plastic bags. Had a very beautiful mood, when you see those plastic bags discarded beautiful mood all fly to be flung to the four winds.
                        "Plastic limit order" has been released for seven years, but, why there are people in the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags have been implemented in a large supermarket in the use of the system of charging, and may not be implemented in rural areas of plastic packaging bags. Most those who let a person headache is the use of plastic bags in the farmers market more "rampant", the peddlers in their own interests, do more business, not to limit the use of plastic bags.
                        Xiao Bian believes that since the construction of the new countryside is so beautiful, it should be appropriate to enhance the environmental awareness of residents, according to the use of plastic bags in the village so unscrupulous phenomenon, put forward two recommendations:
                        First: to strengthen the farmers' market and the small supermarket operators of environmental protection awareness education. This can be solved from the root causes of plastic packaging bags used without control.
                        Second: the government environmental protection departments should strengthen the education of the residents' awareness of environmental protection, strengthen publicity efforts, and promote the use of shopping basket basket, refuse to use plastic bags.