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                        The best container wharf

                        Date: 2015-7-2 11:58:17 Read: 442 times

                        There are many types including container bags, container bags or bags is also called tons of tons of bags, space bag. Is a transport container is mostly with a crane or forklift, round-trip transportation of goods, is a at the dock is the most common means of transport.
                        Container bag use range is very wide, can be used for many industries, food packaging, food packaging, as well as pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral products, packaging, transportation can be used. No matter in developed countries or developing countries, will use the container to transport goods. Container bag is not a one-off products, it can be repeatedly used, scratch transport bags can also be recovered for reuse, will not cause waste of resources, but does not cause environmental pollution.
                        Sling type container bags at the dock we are the most common, such a style suitable for crane better filed, save a lot of trouble. And it's security is very good, in design of container bag considering the its packaging volume and load units, but also to take into account the distance of its transport times and distances.