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                        FIBC market rejects malicious competition

                        Date: 2015-7-11 11:51:54 Read: 499 times

                        With the development of market economy, there will be no normal implementation of malicious competition means. Malicious competition is to slander and other improper methods to destroy the business reputation of other enterprises is malicious competition. Container bags production market on the existence of malicious competition, however, container bags production enterprises to pick up the legal weapons to safeguard their own interests, rejects malicious competition.
                        The container bag is called tons, suitable for shipment of bulk granular powder and other small pieces of material. Container bag widely is applied in food, grain, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral substance, in more developed countries, container bag is used for storage, transport and packaging products. A sling is called hanging bag, most are used in the transport of goods and the use of terminal tool.
                        FIBC market is supposed to be a fair competition and fair trade sales environment, is some people to various improper means to slander manufacturers, in order to obtain their particular interest. Container production enterprises should be vigilant, do not let the criminals harm the interests of enterprises, and resolutely refused to malicious competition.