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                        Two principles of online sales of plastic packaging bags

                        Date: 2015-7-14 14:54:39 Read: 564 times

                        Plastic packaging bags of material has a dozen, but the most common, and the use of the largest is PP and PVA. PP material of the hardness after OPP material, but it is very good transparency, in addition to a little bit of hardness, soft texture. In fact, plastic bags are generally large quantities of wholesale, but online sales of products can be retail.
                        Plastic packaging bags in the online sales is also very impressive, although there are small orders, each order quantity is very few, all know, quantitative change will cause a qualitative change. Online sales of plastic bags must pay attention to the three principles:
                        First, do not covet petty, the sale of the defective products, consumers will not second when, for the first time do not retain customers heart, will no longer have the second cooperation. So, online sales of plastic bags must be honest and trustworthy, legitimate business.
                        Second, good after-sales service. Don't think plastic packaging bag which belongs to the consumption of products, if the defective products, or customers are not satisfied, must do a good job in the customer service.
                        So, plastic packaging bags online sales must be cautious, do not simply think that sold out even after the completion of the transaction, in fact, this is only just beginning to deal with the transaction, the late customer maintenance is the most important.