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                        Why not call the container bag order end

                        Date: 2015-7-16 11:23:36 Read: 408 times

                        FIBC is container a container unit, mainly is paired with a crane or forklift use, suitable for shipping bulk powder material powder or granular shape. Container bag is mainly used in various types of food, grain, medicine, chemical industry, etc., suitable for many kinds of transport packaging, now not only is the developed countries, our country is in the use of container bags for transportation and storage and packaging products.
                        Into gold inferior to the sales department, is only telephone bells and sales staff phone voice, it is understood, Jin Xun all the container bag orders are orders from the Internet. Sales Manager Zhang, general manager, said: "our order has been ranked by the end of this year, and, in order to meet customer requirements, production scale is expanding, but also from foreign imports of several new processing, testing equipment".
                        Jin Xun container bag orders all from the Internet, and most of the orders from South Korea and Japan, and established long-term cooperative relationship. Container bags use larger and there is a consumption of products, the quality of the products is very important, especially it can withstand the tensile force.
                        Jin Xun container bag orders do not finish, in addition to choose the right sales platform, more is their production of the quality of the products can retain customers, so there will be more and more customers old and more orders.