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                        On the safety of plastic packaging bags

                        Date: 2015-7-21 17:14:14 Read: 394 times

                        Plastic bags manufacturers to remind you, do not use, or is not used in the packaging bags are discarded, but do not put in the baby can readily be enough. Xiao Bian recently in the Internet to see a piece of news, a year old baby wrapped in plastic bags on the head, resulting in suffocation. Make a mess like the place, because the parents do not pay attention to the cause of free storage bags.
                        Plastic packaging bag is a kind of plastic as raw material, used in the production of various kinds of life in the packing bag, widely used in daily life and industrial production, but this time is convenient but it has a long time. In our daily life, we often use to get, but now the production technology has made a lot of damage to the plastic packaging bags, as well as many manufacturers have developed a very easy degradation of the packaging bag, basically belongs to environmentally friendly shopping bags.
                        Even if the plastic bags are not harmful to the human body, or need to be cautious, remember not to arbitrarily discarded use of the packaging bag, this will not only cause environmental pollution, if the baby as a toy to play, it is possible to appear in the occurrence of accidents, so, must put the packaging bag, ensure that the baby will not get, to the baby a healthy growth environment.