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                        Plastic bags are not afraid of big waves

                        Date: 2015-7-24 12:00:54 Read: 408 times

                        By the end of 2007, 2008 at the beginning of the introduction of the "plastic limit order" banned "since June 1, 2008 onwards, in all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail establishments to implement plastic shopping bags of compensation for the use of the system, are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags." Such a to restrict the use of plastic packaging bags are used to implement the provisions of, is really bring a substantial problem for most of the packaging bag manufacturing enterprises, for small manufacturing enterprises, can also be a major blow, as if a disaster.
                        However, there are a number of capacity of the plastic packaging bags manufacturers, not scared, but become a driving force for the development of enterprises. A vision of the manufacturers to spend a lot of money to buy a complete set of decontamination equipment, perhaps such investment is a huge expense for the enterprise, but in the long run, the income will be doubled.
                        In addition to the purchase of new equipment, a business minded manufacturers to carry out technical innovation, using plant straw as raw material, the fundamental solution to the production of plastic bags. Moreover, the degradation of such a plastic packaging bag is very short, the emergence of new plastic packaging bags not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also will not hurt people's physical health. I ask, what was the reason for such products, there is no space for development?