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                        On the development prospect of packaging industry from the perspective of plastic packaging bags

                        Date: 2015-7-30 10:29:06 Read: 401 times

                        A few days ago in the Internet to see a piece of plastic packaging industry development policy message, the general content is, in the United States in California, the final agreement, will be in 2016 in all of the local supermarkets, stores and pharmacies to prohibit the use of non degradable plastic bags.
                        The policy on the use of plastic bags in California, the United States has also been supported by the Council of the European Parliament, and decided to reduce the consumption of 80% of plastic bags in Europe by 2019. The recent plan is to reduce the consumption by 50% by 2017.
                        From the United States and Europe on the use of plastic packaging bags to restrict the use of policy, the production of plastic bags to do a good technical innovation, the production technology of the gold packaging technology is moving in the direction of biodegradable plastic bags. And biodegradable packaging bags have been put into production, and received a good feedback information, combined with foreign information, in China's plastic packaging industry should make a decision in advance, technological innovation.