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                        Three urgent problems to solve the container bag

                        Date: 2015-10-12 8:58:14 Read: 395 times

                        FIBC's development in our country have not less than 30 years of development history, the packaging industry has professionals pointed out that container bags in the development of our country faces three important problems, and is needed in the short term is badly in need of solving.
                        Container bags production lack of independent technology. Domestic enterprises due to the size of the general smaller, the funds and other aspects of the investment is not enough, technological progress is slow, but also because of the low technology and can only produce low-grade products, forming a vicious circle.
                        The low grade product container bag. Most container bags production factory is still in order to be able to meet the security as the main goal of the production, woven products, sewing is not fine, unreasonable structure, load-bearing capacity is weak, large material consumption and in a number of indicators, waterproof, breathable, anti mildew, sunscreen, flame retardant still obviously insufficient, the competitiveness is not strong.
                        Life equipment container bag low investment, small scale production. The majority of enterprises equipment or with the production of low-grade container bag matched to production to meet the requirements of modern production and logistics, high-grade packaging bags.
                        Three of the more important problems faced by the development of our country is above the domestic container industry.