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                        The container bag is also seen tons of bags

                        Date: 2015-10-7 9:10:10 Read: 361 times

                        Speaking of tons of bags, it is necessary to first talk about on the pier was back and forth, lift the container bag, these are be used for carrying goods, and these items mostly used to export abroad. The role of tons of bags on this occasion is used for loading goods, these goods can make more convenient transportation.
                        Tons of bags also known as T - bag, the appearance of the large container bag is generally a cube, or the cube, which is mainly to Sheng items, according to the items to be installed to custom specifications tons of bags. In addition, tons of bags of application scope are more widely can be used in chemical industry, building materials, plastics, mineral products, such as various types of powder, granular, bulk goods packaging, is the ideal product for warehousing, transportation and other industries.
                             Tons of bags with with the handling of goods are transported to all over the world, can saying simply is traveled north and south, travel all over the world, and seen the world container bags.