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                        Name: Woven bag

                        Woven bag
                        • Woven bag
                        Product Description
                        The matters needing attention during the loading and unloading operation of container bag:
                        In 1, following the lifting operation stand not in container bags.
                        2, please put the lifting hook in the central part of the rope or sling, not slant, single crane or cable-stayed container bag.
                        3, do not work with other objects in friction, hooking or collision with the container bag.
                        4, do not pull the sling to the outside of the reverse.
                        5, container forklift operation, please don't make a contact or into the bag, container bag to prevent puncture.
                        6, when handling in the workshop, try to use the tray, not hook the container bag, carry it while it is shaking.
                        7, in the loading, unloading and stacking keep the container bag upright.
                        8, don't bag upright.
                        9, do not bag on the ground or dragging on the concrete.
                        10, shall not have been in outdoor storage, container bags should be placed on the shelf, and must use the nontransparent shed cloth is tightly covered container bag.
                        11, after use, paper or cloth will shed the opaque container bag, stored in ventilated place.