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Dementia Care

Dementia Care in Arvada Helps Seniors Age in Place

In-home dementia care makes it possible for seniors with dementia to safely remain at home for as long as possible and enjoy a comfortable, familiar environment, and it also provides the tools they need to reach their goal of aging in place. Home Care Assistance of Arvada, CO, is a leading provider of high-quality in-home dementia care. Our carefully selected, highly qualified, and specially trained dementia caregivers deliver effective assistance and support that promotes dignity and helps seniors with dementia maintain purpose long after their diagnosis.

Dementia Caregivers Address the Changing Needs of Seniors

Dementia is a progressive disease. Through each stage of dementia, a senior’s care needs often increase. Having dementia home care in place early provides clients with an opportunity to get to know the caregiver in the most lucid stages of the illness. This often makes seniors feel more comfortable and accepting of care when a higher level of assistance is required.

Home Care Assistance Arvada’s individualized care plans make it easy for families to utilize our services as little or as much as necessary. Our Care Managers work with you to assess your loved one care needs and goals. They remain in contact with the family, healthcare providers, and the senior to recognize setbacks or progress and adjust the dementia care plan accordingly so it remains effective and beneficial. Additionally, our support is available part-time, overnight, and around the clock. Schedules are easily increased or decreased as necessary to maximize flexibility for seniors in our care.

Innovative Care Methods That Keep Seniors Mentally Engaged

At Home Care Assistance in Arvada, our dementia care plans incorporate brain-boosting activities and puzzles designed to slow cognitive decline. Caregivers receive specific training on our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) and use it in the homes of our clients. Seniors enjoy this engaging time with their caregivers while receiving all of the health-enhancing benefits CTM offers. This approach takes in-home dementia care a step further, increasing the benefits and making it the top choice for seniors and their families.

If you are searching for high-quality in-home dementia care for your aging loved one, Arvada Home Care Assistance is here to help during this challenging time. Call us anytime at (720) 642-1600 to learn more about our reliable dementia care and request a complimentary in-home evaluation.