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Stroke Care

Arvada Stroke Care Facilitates Recovery

Following discharge from the hospital, the path toward stroke recovery begins. For many seniors, this is a time when they experience changes in the ability to live independently, rely more on others for help with daily activities, and manage the mixed emotions surrounding their recovery. At Home Care Assistance of Arvada, CO, we understand how difficult this process can be. Our effective in-home stroke care programs support seniors through recovery, helping them remain safe and comfortable at home.

Stroke Caregivers Promote Independence and Safety

It is common for stroke survivors to experience changes in both behavior and personality. Some might become reclusive or self-reliant, while others might try to do too much and push recovery, which can result in serious setbacks. Home Care Assistance Arvada’s stroke caregivers work one-on-one with clients in their homes, which offers the distinct advantage of being able to assist them with an individualized stroke care plan that exactly addresses their needs and goals. While providing support, our caregivers encourage seniors to reach their highest level of independence while also watching carefully for signs they might be doing too little or too much. With this support in place, setbacks and injuries are reduced and recovery is enhanced.

Our Stroke Care Plans Are Flexible and Customizable

The needs of stroke survivors are as unique as the individuals themselves. While some might require 24-hour supervision and assistance, others might only need help with transportation, meal preparation, or other activities of daily living. At Home Care Assistance in Arvada, our stroke caregivers can meet these and other care needs in a way that works best for each client. Our services are flexible and offered any time of day or night. They can be scheduled on a part-time basis to provide respite for a family member or even for 24 hours a day if needed. As care needs change, schedules can be easily adapted, and our Care Managers remain on call around the clock to assist in an emergency.

Arvada Home Care Assistance provides physical, emotional, and mental support that makes recovering from a stroke a little easier for seniors. If your loved one needs assistance through rehabilitation, call us today at (720) 642-1600. Our Care Managers are always available to answer your questions.